7″ T-Shape concrete floor grinder diamond cup grinding wheel

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7" T-shape diamond grinding cup wheel offers the high working performance in grinding all kinds of concrete floors. T -shapes segments are more aggressive to open the surface. From coarse grinding to fine grinding for wall, stairs and corners. It can fit on angle grinders and floor grinders.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds
  • Grits: 6# - 400#
  • Center hole(thread): 7/8"-5/8", 5/8"-11, M14, M16, M19,etc
  • Dimension: Diameter 4", 5" , 7"
  • Application : Fit on angle grinders or floor grinders to grind all kinds of concrete floors.
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    7" T-Shape concrete floor grinder diamond cup grinding wheel
    4", 5" , 7" 
    Segment shape  
    T shape ( Any shapes can be customized as requested)
    6#- 400#
    Extremely hard, very hard, hard, medium, soft, very soft ,extremely soft
    7/8"-5/8", 5/8"-11, M14, M16, M19,etc
    As requested
    For grinding all kinds of concrete, terrazzo , granite and marble floors
    • Exclusive designed segments shape for more active jobs.Diamond cup wheels, dedicated to floors specialists and construction professionals. The product range offers the highest performance in all floor preparation applications.
    • The cup wheels also available working on all types machines with different connectors.
    • Concrete repairs, floor flattening and aggregate exposure.
    • Specific support for natural and improved dust extraction.
    • Exclusive designed segments shape for more active jobs.
    • Optimal removal rate.
    • The anti vibration connector reduced vibration and boosts flatness.



    This T shaped metal bond diamond floor polishing cup wheel is designed for abrasive grinding of concrete or stone for coarse, medium and fine grinding. Suitable for rapid grinding, rough grinding and deburring and smooth shaping and dressing of stone and tile materials. High working efficiency and easy to use. Can be connected to handheld grinders and floor polishers.

    Wet or dry use. The diamond section of the diamond grinding cup wheel is heat press welded to the body of the cup wheel, which is very safe when grinding. The high density of the diamond and the ultra-high segment provide high grinding and extremely high removal capacity on concrete floors.

    For different grinding objects, we will design the best product for your requirements and provide you with the most professional technical guidance. Supports customization of special marks, sizes and shapes.

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