3-M6 Trapezoid PCD Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes

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Trapezoid PCD Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes to remove off all kinds of coatings:epoxy,paint,glue,etc.With high efficient for the toughest situation.The 3-M6 trapezoid diamond shoes can be fit on for Sase,Diamatic and all kinds of floor grinding machine.We also provide customization services.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds + PCDs
  • Metal body type: 3-M6 metal type to fit on Sase, Diamatic and all kinds of floor grinding machine.
  • PCD type : Quarter PCD, half PCD, 1/3PCD, Full PCD
  • Application: For Coating removal, such as black tar adhesive on the floor
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    3-M6 Trapezoid PCD Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes
    PCD type
    2 * 1/4 PCD + Protection segment ( other PCD types: 1/4PCD, 1/3PCD, 1/2PCD, Full PCD can be of customized)
    Metal Body type    
    To fit on Sase, Diamatic and all kinds of floor grinding machine.grinder ( others can be customized)
    As requested
    To remove all kinds of coatings off the floors  (epoxy, paint, glue,ect)
    • Sharp and abrasion resistant, suitable for fast and strong adhesive and epoxy removal.
    • Diamond particles are strong and plentiful.
    • Bonded design for a better fit of the abrasive to the body.
    • Protective strips to protect the floor and work more efficiently.
    • High safety, very stable and high removal rate.
    • Can be used with all different collets of floor grinders worldwide.

    Product Description

    PCD grinding block for floor coating removal, epoxy and paint abrasion. Two one-third PCD segments are welded to the surface of the grinding block, which together with a diamond segment is ideal for fast and aggressive removal. coating. Also, it will not be too sharp and cause damage to the ground. Work efficiently while protecting the ground, thus increasing productivity. The product is very cost-effective.
    Bon Tai can make special models of floor grinding blocks according to the customer's requirements. Our goal is to be your best supplier of diamond abrasives in China with stable quality and competitive price.

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