PD50 PCD Diamond Grinding Plug for Concrete Floor Coating Removal

Short Description:

PCD Diamond Grinding Plug to remove all type of coatings like paint,varnish on the floor.With high efficient for the toughest situation.Broad range of bond achieves maximum capacity for floor preparation.Aggressive and efficient for concrete floors.Wet or Dry use.Provide customization services.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds + PCDs
  • Dimension: PD74 mm , PD50 mm
  • Metal body type: To fit on Terrco grinder
  • PCD type : Quarter PCD, half PCD, 1/3PCD, Full PCD
  • Application: To remove all type of coatings such as paint, varnish on the floor
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    PD50 PCD Diamond Grinding Plug for Concrete Floor Coating Removal
    PCD type
    2*PCD + TCT
    Metal Body type
    To fit on Terrco grinder ( others can be customized)
    As requested
    ISO9001, MPA Certificate
    To remove all kinds of coatings off the floors  (epoxy, paint, glue,ect)
    • High grinding efficiency and long life.
    • Small grinding force and low grinding temperature.
    • High grinding precision and good surface quality of the treatment.
    • Suitable for fast grinding and aggressive for concrete and stones.
    • Efficient for rough deburring and smooth shaping and finishing of concrete and stones.
    • Used on hand-held grinding machine and handle push type grinding machine.
    • Balance technology improves machine vibration

    Product Description

    Easy replacement design greatly saves time in replacing sharpened shoes. No screwdrivers or bolts are required, simply secure by hand. The wedge design allows for a tighter connection of the grinding shoe to the machine.
    This product also features high sharpness, high wear resistance and high cost performance. Can be widely used for concrete floors, epoxy, glue, paint, etc., suitable for sanding and smoothing floors, sanding rough patches Surface.
    Bond types available are super soft, soft, medium hard, hard and super hard. In addition to PCD segments, diamond segments are also available to give you the best abrasive results.

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