Bontai resumed production on February 24

In December 2019, a new coronavirus was discovered on the Chinese mainland, and infected people could easily die from severe pneumonia if they are not treated promptly. In an effort to contain the spread of the virus, the Chinese government has taken strong measures, including restricting traffic and urging people to stay home, delaying the return of factories and the opening of schools.Meanwhile, during this period, the Chinese government, together with the WHO, Shared all the information about the epidemic to the world openly and transparently. Under such strict prevention and control, the epidemic has been effectively controlled in most parts of China, with zero increase in confirmed cases in some areas.

With the epidemics under control, Bontai was able to officially resume production on February 24, and our capacity is now fully restored. We thank you for your support and we will continue to provide you with the best quality products. At the same time we also welcome new customers to come to negotiate, we have a wide range of diamond grinding and polishing tools for floor polish system, including diamond grinding shoes, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond grinding discs and PCD tools. To be applicable to grinding variety of concrete , terrazzo , stones floors and other construction floors .


Post time: Mar-06-2020