Lavina Concrete Prep Tools PCD Grinding Scraper for Epoxy Glue Paint Coating Removal

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PCD Grinding Scraper to remove all type of coatings such as epoxy,acrylic on the floor.Sharp and wear-resistant with high efficient for the toughest situation.This grinding scraper is for Lavina machine.It can fit all world-wide floor grinding machines with holders or after the customization.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds + PCDs
  • Metal body type: To fit on Lavina grinder
  • PCD type : Quarter PCD, half PCD, 1/3PCD, Full PCD
  • Application: To remove all kinds of coatings off the floors
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    Lavina Concrete Prep Tools PCD Grinding Scraper
    PCD type
    1/4PCD, 1/3PCD, 1/2PCD, Full PCD
    Metal Body type      
    To fit on Lavina grinder ( others can be customized)
    As requested 
    To Remove all type of coatings such as paint, varnish, glue,epoxy,acrylic,screed residuue,VCT mastic,black tar adhesive as well as thick rubbery materials on the floor.With high efficient for the toughest situation.
    1. This multipurpose tool is used to remove numerous coatings and overlays on uneven surfaces.
    2. This is a great tool for bump grinding or general surface preparation.
    3. The position of the segments allows the tool to ride up and over sharp surface irregularities.
    4. The metallic powder in the sintered segment wears away quickly releasing dull diamond crystals exposing new abrasive crystals to cut efficiently. Best used on hard surfaces.
    5. This quick change PCD toolings are used on coating removal, epoxy removal, mastic removal etc.
    6. This type of redi lock pcd toolings are used on floor grinders to remove heavy paint, epoxy etc.

    Product Description

    Quick Change Lavina PCD Trapezoid wise Segment Polishing Pads clock.This product can be used to remove many coatings and coverings from uneven surfaces. The segmented position allows the tool to travel over sharp, irregular surfaces. We have designed this product with multiple PCD sections for faster and more efficient removal of ground coatings.

    We have also added a diamond segment to remove the coating while sanding the ground and to protect the ground from unnecessary wear and tear caused by overly sharp PCDs.

    Bon Tai offer a custom service to customize the number and location of PCD segments according to your needs. We do everything we can to provide you with the best abrasive results possible.


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