3″ Ez Change HTC Resin Pad Adaptor

Short Description:

HTC EZ adapter for quick replacement of resin polishing pads on HTC machines. Can be converted to use on many different grinding and polishing machines. The nylon quilt is designed to stick firmly to the skin, and will not be damaged by repeated tears. Convenient, efficient and cost-effective.

  • Metal body type: HTC resin pad holder
  • Size: 3inch (80mm)
  • Application: Fit on HTC grinder to hold the resin polishing pads
  • More Adaptors: Converter to HTS, Lavina , Husqvarna , SASE, Terrco grinding shoes, etc
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    HTC Grinder resin pad adapter, HTC quick change backer Pad
    Metal + Velcro backing 
    Diameter 3" (80mm)
    Color To be customized
    Usage To Converter HTC grinder resin polishing pads , polishing pads holders 
    •  Made of high quality metal material, strong and durable, long life.
    • Excellent manufacturing process, smooth surface and few defects.
    • Quick-change resin polishing pads for HTC machines.
    • Convertible for use on many different grinding and polishing machines.
    • Nylon back buckle design, stays securely on the skin and will not be damaged by repeated tearing.
    • Fit design for a better fit between the abrasive and the machine body.
    • Convenient, efficient, low cost and cost-effective.
    • Factory production direct sale, cheap price.
    • Attentive pre-sales and after-sales service.
    • We also provide customization service to meet any special requirements.

    Company Profile

    As a manufacturing industry, Bontai has developed advanced materials and has also participated in the development of national standards for superhard materials with 30 Years of experience. Our company has strong technical force and strong R&D capability.

    Not only can we offer high quality tools, but also technological innovations to solve any problem when sanding and polishing all kinds of floors.

    Stable and reliable quality assurance, Bontai take safety standard as the core of product development, the products have passed ISO9001 certification. For use with floor scale grinders.

    Wide variety of products and complete specifications. Quality assurance, high cost performance, high back order rate.

    With attentive customer service management, let customers feel at ease to use.

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