180mm Spilit PCD Diamond Floor Grinding Disc

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Spilit PCD Diamond Floor Grinding Disc to remove all kinds of adhesive residues,leveling compounds,varnish,glue,epoxy coatings..Split PCD is more aggressive for the thick coating.And bond could be changeable for hard floor,medium floor and soft floor.We also provide customization services.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds + PCDs
  • Dimension : 4" , 5" , 7"
  • Center hole (thread): 7/8"-5/8", 5/8"-11, M14, M16, M19,etc
  • PCD types: 1/4PCD, 1/3PCD, 1/2PCD, full PCD, Split PCD
  • Application : To remove all kinds of coatings like epoxy, paint,glue off the floor
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    5" 125mm PCD Diamond Cup Grinding disc
    PCD type
    6 * Split PCD   ( other PCD types: 1/4PCD, 1/3PCD, 1/2PCD, Full PCD can be of customized)
    7"  180mm  ( Any sizes can be of customized)
    Center hole(thread)  7/8"-5/8", 5/8"-11, M14, M16, M19,etc 
    As requested
    For aggressive removal of adhesive residues, leveling compounds, varnish, glue, epoxy.
    1. Splite PCD boards are designed for large areas of thick, deglueable glue, with interchangeable hard, medium, and soft ground bonding methods.
    2. Sharp and sturdy, suitable for all kinds of super hard old material removal, old paint floor removal, old epoxy floor paint removal.
    3. It has the characteristics of extremely sharpness, fast efficiency and wear resistance.

    Product Description

    PCD abrasive discs are suitable for removing floor coatings such as epoxy, glue, resin, etc. Whereas diamond segments are usually used alone to polish concrete floors. A mixture of these 2 materials makes a diamond blade, as opposed to a regular diamond blade, when used for the removal of floor coatings which has the advantage of being more efficient and sharper.

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