7″ 6 Segments TGP Diamond grinding wheel abrasive disc

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7" 6 Segments TGP Diamond grinding wheel has great working performance with much longer life.It's popular to use on concrete repairs and preparation applications.And fit on angle grinders and auto or planet grinding machines.With high grinding accuracy,high cost performance and other characteristics

  • Meterial: Metal +diamonds
  • Grits: 6# - 400#
  • Sepcification: 7" , 10"
  • Center hole(thread): 7/8"-5/8", 5/8"-11, M14, M16, M19,etc
  • Segment numbers: 3 segments, 6 segments, 9 segments and 18 segments can be made
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    7" 6 Segments TGP Diamond grinding wheel abrasive disc
     7" , 10" 
    Segment numbers    
    3 Segments ,6 Segments, Segments, 9 Segments 
    6#-  400#
    Extremely hard, very hard, hard, medium, soft, very soft ,extremely soft
    Center hole
    7/8"-5/8", 5/8"-11, M14, M16, M19,etc
    As requested
    Grinding all kinds of concrete, stone( granite& marble), terrazzo floors 
    1. Used for concrete or floor grinding and surface removal.

    2. Various bonds availabes for hard and soft building materials.

    3. Balance technology improves machine vabration.

    4. Turbo style segments are used for fast grinding concrete surfaces and floor.

    5. Big holes provide more efficient dust collection by vacuum.


    7-inch diamond grinding disc, also known as diamond cup wheel or diamond cup grinding, is suitable for Angle grinders and automatic or planetary grinders for grinding granite, marble, concrete, etc.

    Excellent diamond formula to achieve high performance.Long life, fast delivery.

    The number of diamond segments can be customized according to the grinding requirements. Of course, the more segments, the higher the grinding efficiency and the longer the service life.

    Please tell us the material to cut so that we can choose the right diamond formula according to your specific grinding item.

    At present, we offer 5 different binders for you to choose from:

    A very hard binder for grinding very soft concrete;

    Hard binder for grinding soft concrete;

    Medium hard binder for grinding medium hard concrete;

    Soft binder for grinding hard concrete;

    Extremely soft binder for grinding very hard concrete.

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