10″ 250mm Concrete Floor Grinding Plate PCD Grinding Disc

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250mm PCD Grinding Plate can remove all kinds of coatings off concrete surface,like epoxy,paint,etc.High removal rate and polluting capacity.Very stable.Any types can be made to fit on different brands of floor grinding machines.Fitted design for a better fit between the abrasive tool and the body.

  • Material: Metal + diamonds + PCDs
  • Dimension : 10 inch ( 250 mm)
  • Metal body type: To fit on Blastrac grinders or on different brands of floor grinding machines
  • Application : To remove all kinds of coatings like epoxy, paint,glue off the floor
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    10" 250mm Concrete Floor Grinding Plate PCD Grinding Disc
    PCD type
    12T * 1/4 PCD + 6 TCT  ( other PCD types: 1/4PCD, 1/3PCD, 1/2PCD, Full PCD can be of customized)
    10"  250mm  ( Any sizes can be of customized)
    Metal Body Type To fit on Blastrac grinders
    As requested
    For aggressive removal of adhesive residues, leveling compounds, varnish, glue, epoxy.
    1. Sharp and durable for quick and effective removal of adhesives and epoxy resins.
    2. Fine workmanship, strong and durable.
    3. For active removal of adhesive residues and leveling agent.
    4. Using balance technology can effectively improve the vibration of the machine.
    5. It can be flexibly used with various grinders or Refurbishers according to needs and habits.

    Product Description

    10 inch grinding disc for Blastrac, EDCO, MK, Husqvarna floor grinders. Suitable for removing floor coatings such as epoxy glue, paint, etc. The grinding disc has multiple mounting holes, making the machine highly adaptable, easy to install and stable. The discs are welded from PCD or optionally together with diamond segment rods. It is convenient and efficient to remove floor scale coatings while sanding the floor. We also offer personalized customization service to meet your various needs.

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