10″ Blastrac Diamond Grinding Plate Concrete Floor Grinding disc

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10" Blastrac Diamond Grinding Plate offers the high work performance in all floor preparation and polishing.Used for concrete grinding and surface removal.Various bonds available for hard and soft building materials.Good grinding disc fit.It can be fit on Blastrac Grinder or to be customized.

  • Material : Metal + diamonds
  • Dimension: 10" ( 250 mm )
  • Segment size: 20T * 40*10*10mm
  • Grits: 6# - 400#
  • Application: For grinding all kinds of concrete floors
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    10" Blastrac Diamond Grinding Plate Concrete Floor Grinding disc
    Segment size
    10inch( 250mm)
    6# - 400#
    Extremely soft, very soft ,soft, medium, hard, very hard, ,extremely hard
    Metal Body type 
    To fit on Blastrac grinders or to be customized
    As requested
    Grinding For concrete, terrazzo
    1.For smooth medium rough or patched floor and feathering uneven joints or slab panels.
    2.Removing hard epoxy, urethane and other toppings.
    3.Grinding down bumps,raised or curled footpath panels.
    4.The diamond grinding heads offers high durability and speed.
    5.Using for dry and wet.

    Product Description

    10-inch diamond grinding discs developed for Blastrac, Edco, Mk, Husqvarna floor grinders . The surface of the grinding disc is flat and smooth, and when working, it fits perfectly to the ground and has good product stability. The grinding disc has several precise hole positions to perfectly match a wide range of grinders and can be disassembled easily. It has 20 high quality diamond blades made of a high quality metal formula for fast grinding of concrete floors.

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    • Fuzhou Bon Tai Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd as one of the most  professional floor grinding and polishing tools manufacture, Fuzhou Bon Tai Diamond Tools Co., Ltd (Bon Tai) now is developing advanced materials and also involved in setting national standards for super hard materials with more than 30 years experience.
    • Bon Tai R & D center, specialized in Grinding and Polishing technology, the chief engineer majored in "China Super hard materials" when 1996, leading with the diamond tools experts group, Bon Tai not only able to provide high quality tools, but also could do the technical innovation to solve any problems when grinding and polishing on various floors.
    • With a creative and experienced bond system provide by Bon Tai, the products working in a high performance ratio in construction and stone industry and also got great success in professional and trade market. New functional products are developed by our P & D team. We also provide private labels for large OEM's including designing, marking, printing and packing to follow customers' specifications.

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